Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Intel accelerated its Sandy Bridge production


harap korang sumer sihat ari ni, esok , dan seterusnya insyaAllah..

wokeh arini aku nk share pasal satu berite hot pasal intel..of course it's about the Sandy Bridge!!
ok..for those who didnt know much about this, Sandy Bridge is a codename given to the latest and soon to be launced(how soon i dont know) Intel processor.

Sandy Bridge will be the successor for the Nehalem microarchitecture(Nehalem refers to the Core i7, i5, and i3 processors) which is expected to be much more powerful and more power efficient at the same time.

The Sandy Bridge will be based on 32nm technology when it first roll out on the market and will be enhance to 22nm technology eventually!!imagine how powerful and power saving this little baby will be..haha)

Intel accelerated the production of the Sandy Bridge processor due to fact that it gets a very good response from the users of the early samples. It is known that they have increase their expenditure from 4.8billion$ to 5.2billion$. The default number of cores for this processor is 4!!and more cores will be introduced after that..probably will be 6 and 8 cores!!

Intel also said that the products with this kind of processor inside them will be available a few months after the chips ship. This kind of chip will be available for mobile as those who are looking for a laptop or laptops(byk tu..plural..haha) should wait, if u are not so desperate in using one for now...seriously i dont mind to wait because my current system is quite ok kot,,haha..

so thats it la for kali ni saje2 nk test english, lame da x tulis essay..haha..
ok la sumer..salam

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New World Record for Bugatti


wah..lame sungguh aku menaip kt blog aku ni..haha
sbb malas dan xde idea...aku xnak la tulis ngarut2 sgt..x mengandungi fakta atau ilmu langsung xbest lak kan..haha..wlapon ade je post aku yang x bermanfaat..

wokeh,,kali ni aku nk citer pasal Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport..

which is the holder of the world's fastest road going car!

mgkin dlu kite penah dgr Bugatti Veyron pnah memegang rekod ni kan?tp dlu enjin nye x sepower macam skg..

dlu engine die 1001hp dan bleh pecut up to 400km/h(which is tested and verified by James May in Top Gear) oleh kerana sikap tamak n jd lg laju..diorang g blasah tambah sampai 1200hp!!
churning out a massive 1500Nm of torque..

guess what?the top speed now is 425km/h(aik..igt kan byk naik..haha..mgkin diorang xpecut kaw2 lg kot..haha)

of course to support the new engine, the chassis has redesigned. These includes stronger stabiliser and the new absorber, there are other improvements but I guess u should check it out by urself..

diorang jugak dah bg sket kosmetic changes for this new Super Sport baby..of course to make she looks sexier and sportier, just like the engine..haha..
ekzos nye dah diposition kan kt tengah2...and it now featuring revised double diffusers..ade byk lg..kt bwh aku bg link..korang leh bace la klu korang free...

ok la dlu..setakat tu je..oh ye, klu ade dak2 fet yg bace, klu ade pape news pasal program fet tolong inform gak kt aku..takot aku terlepas update psl program kite lak..haha

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